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Mission & Vision

    • The strategic mission of Mobious Group is to build and integrate high-performance renewable energy source that meets power quality and reliability with function-of-safety built-in to the system for mining, oil & gas and communities where environmental sustainability and social responsibility matter.
    • We offer and deliver competitive vertically integrated renewable energy that is tailored to customer need and meets power quality, reliability, and safety while maintaining environmental quality, low cost of ownership and earning performance.
    • We provide these products only when we are able to deliver them with the service and quality our customers and their communities deserve.
    • For the Corporation to continue to fulfill these goals, we must be able to guarantee that the four cornerstones of our success – our customers, our environment & social responsibilities, our communities and our employees – are always firmly in place.

We must respond to:

        • Our Customers – as they are our business. We will provide them with the products they want and need.
        • Our Environment & Social Responsibilities – it is imperative to care about our environment and sustain it for generations to come.
        • Our Communities – Their success is our success. As a corporation and personally as individuals, we will help our customers to meet the public service needs.
        • Our Employees – they are the greatest asset and integral part of our success. We will provide them with knowledge and training, the working environment, and the recognition that encourage and promote growth.